This 'Health & Wealth: Healthcare in the U.S' Infographic is Alarming

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: & holykaw.alltop
The reality of the cost of healthcare commonly escapes many people's minds until they get sick, in which case infographics, like this 'Health & Wealth: Healthcare in the U.S' one, is extremely alarming. This thought-provoking infographic was created by individuals at Carrington College California, who focus upon the priciest medical procedures in the United States.

According to this 'Health & Wealth: Healthcare in the U.S' inforgraphic, an intestine transplant ranks number one for the most costly procedure, at a whopping $1,121,800. This shocking figure is followed by a series of other alarming prices, making this a must-see graphic for all informed U.S citizens. Hopefully, these shocking prices will be inspiration for many to focus upon prevention as oppose to treatment.

Implications - Infographics continue to be one of the most effective ways to display large amounts of information in a visuallystimulating way that is pleasing to modern consumers. Informed individuals who live fast-paced lives appreciate being able to scan graphics like this one quickly, and thus infographics are a smart contemporary way for businesses to present their data.