The I Have Strength Serum is an Energizing Liquid Daily Function Support

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: bodyandeden & trndmonitor
The 'I Have Strength' is a green health tonic designed by Body & Eden as an added supplement to regain the internal health of the body with natural herbs and minerals sourced from fresh fruits and vegetables. The dark green drink is a potent liquid filled with both herbal and fresh ingredients to help support the body's natural functions.

Often times consumers don't receive enough vitamins and minerals from their daily diet making health tonics a great way to add them in. The 'I Have Strength' blend focuses on building fortitude and resilience in the body with ingredients such as spirulina, basil, cinnamon, avocado and lime. The fresh vegetables provide vitamins while the added algae offers antioxidants and added protein.