The Ashkelon Visor's Head-Up Display Uses Your Smartphone

 - Nov 13, 2014
References: ashkelon-visor & gizmag
The Ashkelon Visor is a budget head-up display contraption that converts your smartphone into a convenient head-up display.

Inventor Benny Goldstein came up with the idea when realizing that smartphones do pretty much everything that people expect a heads-up display to do -- except that smartphones don't sit right in front of your eyes. This prompted Goldstein -- who has appeared on Big Brother and ran for the legislative branch of Israel's parliament -- to build a contraption that leverages the smartphone to create a head-up display.

The visor is essentially a wearable shelf that hangs your smartphone off your forehead and reflects part of its screen onto your field of view.

The developers of the Ashkelon Visor are set to launch a Kickstarter campaign at the turn of the year to raise funds for its production. The contraption is set to retail for just $20.