The HCG Cancer Care Campaign Asks Adults to 'Put Out the Fire'

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: ogilvy & ibelieveinadv
The images used for the HCG Cancer Care campaign may be creepy, but they also send a very strong message. Each one centers around an adult who continually smokes around children, be it their own or someone else's. From a worried mom to a careless uncle, children exposed to cigarettes can face a lifetime of health problems. As one ad reads, "Children inhale more air than adults, absorbing more toxins," and another, "Cigarette smoke inflames children's air pathways and leads to asthma attacks. Put out the fire."

Conceived and executed by the Ogilvy ad agency branch based in India, the HCG Cancer Care campaign was art directed by Vinci Raj with creative direction by Shamik Sen Gupta. The disturbing double mouth imagery was shot by photographer Koppula Photography and retouched by Irfan- Studio6.