Rebuild Your Community Lets Citizens Voice Their Civic Concerns

 - Dec 1, 2011
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Rebuild Your Community (RYC) is an innovative website that allows citizens to voice their concerns about their city. Finally, you can have your say and make sure it's being heard, instead of complaining to your friends or family about that dangerous, stupid, dirty, ugly, broken, damaged or just plain annoying problem you found in your neighbourhood. Why not let the people that are elected in positions to facilitate change know, and maybe you'll even end up a hero to your community!

RYC allows people to post videos and pictures and start threads with those in your community, however, the genius part of this site come in after you've posted an issue. Through the magic of technology, the website automatically locates who the local councillor is in that area and starts a timer. The timer starts when the issue is posted and continues until it is resolved. This website especially comes in handy around election time when those running are vying for votes. RYC creates a platform where citizens can hold politicians accountable to their words and commend those who actually acted in a respectable time frame. RYC not only allows citizens to voice issues of concern to the community, but also allows those that are doing really great things to have a voice as well. Just because the local newspaper or TV station doesn't care about your event/community involvement doesn't mean others won't. Have your say and let people know what is going on.

This website's positive impact on communities truly creates a connective feel. Kicking it back grassroots-style with a modern spin, Rebuild Your Community lets people to have their say without getting penalized for it.