Inject Your Outfits with Artistic Flair by Adding Some Haute Couture Jewelry

 - Aug 23, 2013
References: youtube
Adding a piece of haute couture jewelry to an otherwise bland outfit can instantly transform you from a drab, department store-haunting everyman to a runway-ready fashionista. Trend Hunter editor Armida Ascano is the resident office fashion guru, so it’s no surprise that she found five incredibly artistic jewelry collections for her new Ed’s Picks video.

Armida’s favorite design is the Maria Francesca Pepe Fall/Winter 2013 collection. This witchy line features rustic, oversized jewelry, like a large brass ear clasp. The use of brasses and coppers creates a Gothic atmosphere reminiscent of Wiccan women brewing remedies over cauldrons in the shadow of a looming castle. Not only is this jewelry collection incredibly memorable and eye-catching, but it is also wearable, as Armida points out. For this reason, Maria Francesca Pepe’s Fall/Winter collection is one of the most versatile and artistic in recent years.

Another of Armida’s favorite haute couture jewelry creations is from Design Scene. This photo shoot features leather-studded, body-binding designs that don’t allow for much movement but look absolutely fierce. While you might not want to wear these creations out and about, their aesthetic value is excitement enough.

If you’re getting bored of your wardrobe, and need some new looks for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, buying some statement accessories like those discovered by Armida might be enough to completely revolutionize your dull closet, transforming you into an overnight fashion icon.