The Hasegawa Bot Learns, Thinks and Behaves Like a HumanBeing

 - Aug 12, 2011
References: diginfo & geekologie
The human brain is nothing more than a glorified computer program and, after combing over the mechanics of our neural networks, the Hasegawa Bot came into being. Capable of rudimentary problem solving, learning from its mistakes and pouring a cup of coffee, this android veers disturbingly close toward the Uncanny Valley.

Modeled after our own mysteriously efficient brains, the Hasegawa Bot was fitted with a Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network (SOINN); ostensibly a brain that can modulate its shape based on tasks, goals and learned skills. The Tokyo University of Technology researchers who pieced together the mechanical man are confident in the thousands of practical applications for self-teaching automatons; they'll be able to avoid industrial accidents, fulfill roles more effectively and potentially improve production methods.

Traditionally, the sight of an intelligent, independent robot is enough to send shivers down one's spine. But don't fear, this robot's current job involves pouring coffee to the amusement of Japanese engineers.