The Harry Potter Books vs. Movies Graphic is Spot On

The hilarious Harry Potter Books vs. Movies graphic takes a look at some of the things that casting chose to forget about. If you, like many before you, have ever compared the characters in the Harry Potter books that you knew and loved to those you saw on screen in the Warner Bros adaptation, you know that there are some key differences. Overall, I was surprised (especially with the first film) with the ability to capture the essence of almost every character in the casting.

Describing Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter as 'Nuggetty' in the book, the author goes straight to the physical attributes of all characters. Ron is largely missing freckles and Hermione is simply less nerdy looking than described. What the chart makes key note of, however, is the casting crew's ability to get Severus Snape's likeness dead-on as talented actor Alan Rickman.