This Infographic Offers Information That Makes for Happy Introverts

 - Sep 9, 2014
References: happify & designtaxi
This infographic on successful and happy introverts offers tips and information on introverted personalities compiled by Happify. The chart provides knowledge on introversion, noting extreme introverts or extroverts are rare. It also delves into the theories of leading psychologists on why some people are introverted, and note it is not the same thing as shyness.

Given the infographic focuses on success, it also describes introverts at work and the best jobs for them. While extroverts tend to be happier, the infographic goes into detail about habits that make for happy introverts. This includes making lunch dates with a close friend. Despite noting 1/3 of the population identifies as introverted, it still lists ways to step out and become more social.