Treat Yourself to an Inspiration Picker-Upper with a Happiness Machine

 - Oct 4, 2012
References: brendandawes
If you ever believed anything negative anyone has ever said to put you down, slap yourself in the face right now. Created by Brendan Dawes, the Happiness Machine was entered into the London Design Festival last month, which showcases the works of talented artists and innovators.

The Happiness Machine randomly prints out funny words of encouragement to cheer people up throughout the day. Unlike popular quote generators, Brendan Dawes's prints draws its inspiration the Internet and people all over he globe. Each slip displays a personalized message that was randomly chosen from a post online from someone who mentioned the word 'happy' in it. The messages remind people of what it means to be individuals, to be "happy in your own skin" and allows you to connect thoughts with others in the world.