The HangerPak Combines Packaging and Storage in One

 - May 21, 2009   Updated: May 25 2011
References: stevehaslip & treehugger
Green designers are trying to find ways to cut down on packaging, and HangerPak is one of those designers.

The company has created the HangerPak to combine the inevitable packaging that comes with an online clothing purchase with the inevitable hanging of that purchase in the closet.

The simple to use packaging converts to a clothes hanger once opened. Perfect for eco lovers everywhere!

Implications - Consumers are shifting towards purchasing more eco-friendly products in an effort to minimize their environmental impact. Ideas like the HangerPak manage to cater to this desire through creating recyclable products. Since consumers are drawn to these benefits in and of themselves, it is important for companies to consider what environmentally-conscious features a product offers over its competitors.