The Hang It Coat Hook Appears to Mimic a Scaled-Up Thumbtack

 - Oct 2, 2013
It's rather simple, but the Hang It coat hook manages to exude a wonderful whimsicality. Prominently featuring a bright red or natural wooden ball, the piece looks a great deal like an exaggerated sewing pin.

Jean-Charles Amey uses Jura hazel wood for this playful product, sculpting each piece into a perfect sphere and finishing it with a glaze. Protruding from this component is a single nail with its head fixed inside, inviting you to hammer this household accessory right into the wall.

A tribute to Charles and Ray Eames' iconic coatrack, the Hang It coat hook pops from the wall. There's nothing complex about it, but that's what makes the endearing object so versatile. It can fit visually into very different rooms and hold a wide variety of items.