The 'Hand-Le Aluminum Door Handle' Makes Opening a Door an Exciting Task

 - May 23, 2013
References: dutchbydesign & crnchy
While most people don't even think twice about opening a doorknob when entering another room, these creative hand-shaped knobs are here to make the process of opening a door much more exciting.

Ordinary doorknobs are often circular in shape, allowing individuals to twist it around thereby opening the door. This 'Hand-Le Aluminum Door Handle' is creatively shaped in the form of a human hand, featuring an open palm as if waiting for a handshake. Therefore, when individuals go to open a door, they have to reach in for a handshake and twist it to the side, as if greeting an actual person. This inventive design serves to turn such an ordinary product into something very engaging and interactive.

This 'Hand-Le Aluminum Door Handle' will certainly add a lot of quirkiness and imagination to a home.