'ReLeash' is the Perfect Accessory for Active Dog Lovers

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: dogreleash & producthunt
ReLeash is a hands-free dog leash that's ensuring your dog stays on a short leash, not you. It can be tempting for active dog owners to invite their furry companions on jogs or hikes with them, but between tangling leashes, and a dogs slightly quickened pace, it can be difficult to get a proper workout.

ReLeash fastens itself around the users hand or wrist using Velcro -- offering the wearer with hands-free mobility to exercise a little more comfortably. The 3 meter long leash gives dogs the freedom to trot a few feet ahead of their owner, without pulling, while the instant retraction, ensures they won't wander to far off the path. The hands-free retractable dog leash offers users full control of their hands, making for an easier workout.