This Hand Dyed Metal Scarf Embraces Futurism in Fashion

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: miyaando & yankodesign
Infused with a remarkable shine, this Hand Dyed Metal Scarf is unlike any other available in stores. Its creator, Miya Ando has perfected a technique of applying anodized aluminum to different materials, in this case to a soft piece of cloth.

The 100% silk chiffon has a fineness to the way that it moves, scrunches and settles yet it expresses a curious visual effect that tells you it's no ordinary accessory. The gorgeous grey tones that give the garment its faded pattern are also responsible for giving it an unbelievable sheen that plays tricks on your eyes.

This Hand Dyed Metal Scarf embodies the optical illusion of liquid metal. Every crease and ripple in the fabric adds further aesthetic intrigue.