The Han Solo Cabinet Handle is Another Addition to the Frozen Figure

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: ournerdhome & technabob
After his solidification in carbonite, Han Solo continues to be frozen in other forms; this time to become a Han Solo cabinet handle courtesy of Our Nerd Home.

Using Han Solo ice cube trays, the group’s do-it-yourself handmade cabinet handles use Sculpey Premo clay as the main ingredient. The clay is then heated, a nut glued to it and painted over with some metallic craft paint. The sculptures are first each softened and molded into the ice tray and smoothed out. After, a little square for where the nut is screwed in to—to give the handle a little space between the cabinet and the handle—is attached together with the bolt. Following this, the sculptures are placed on a baking sheet and heated, before allowing it to cool off.

Finally, the sculpture is painted with a metallic black paint to give the Han Solo cabinet handle the classic frozen look.