This Alternative Hamburger Patty is Made of Breaded Fried Hummus

Hummus is sometimes used as a condiment for adding delicious Mediterranean flavors to a burger, but this unique hamburger patty from Salud Food Group provides hummus lovers to enjoy more of the taste of chickpeas with every bite.

The Hummus Burger is a vegetarian patty that's made with a center of hummus that's been breaded, pre-fried and frozen. While there are many different kinds of burgers made with a base of vegetables and grains, this type of patty opens up a ton of new possibilities for what kinds of sauces and spreads could be infused into a hamburger patty for texture and flavor.

As an alternative to meal-sized burger patties, the Salud Food Group also produces a smaller bite-sized version of this product in the form of Garbanzo Bites nuggets.