The Halo Needler Toy Gun Has Crystal Shards That Retract When Triggered

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: necaclub & toyland.gizmodo
The Halo Needler gun is a popular choice of weapons of devoted Halo video game players and fans, making this toy replica version a coveted item for them as well.

NECA Toys designed and created a limited edition Halo Needler toy gun that shouldn't be underestimated by the fact that it's made by a toy company. The giant gun looks like an over-sized pair of pliers with purple arms and silver accents. The plastic crystal shards that are most notable from the video game weapon stick out of the top, retracting and expanding when the trigger is pulled.

While those crystals power the magical gun in the video game, this toy gun uses batteries to power its lights, sound effects and movement.