This Halloween Breakfast Bowl Cleverly Quips the Meaning of Serial Killer

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: facebook & foodiggity
If you're a fan of horror and thriller films especially during the month of October, chances are you'll find the Cereal Killers Halloween breakfast by Lou Lou P's Delights a witty wordplay meal. The breakfast turns a bowl of conventional cornflakes into a humorous double entendre by serving up miniature famous serial killers and villains alongside the cereal.

The cereal is creatively comically themed to celebrate Halloween by honoring some of the most popular villains from scary movies. A few of the miniature villains in the cereal include Freddy Kruger, Jigsaw from Saw, Jason and even Ghostface from the long line of Scream films.

Lou Lou P's Delights posted an image of the wordplay breakfast meal onto the brand's Facebook page with the caption, "My Breakfast was a bit stabby this morning! #Halloween."