'Gunnar Enigma' Glasses Shield Consumers' Eyes from Harmful Screens

 - Dec 8, 2016
References: gunnar & thinkgeek
Whether for work or for pleasure, many people spend the majority of their days looking at various screens, and the 'Gunnar Enigma' glasses are specifically designed to ease the strain that this can put on people's eyes. The glasses have specially tinted lenses that cut the high-frequency blue light from digital screens, letting wearers spend all day working or gaming without hurting themselves.

Digital devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets, and even TV screens emit blue light in order to display a complete color spectrum. While this blue light is necessary, it is also an unnatural frequency that human eyes aren't accustomed to staring at for extended periods of time. Over time, the frequency can lead to dry, bleary eyes and even headaches and blurred vision. The Gunnar Enigma glasses use yellow tinted lenses to offset this blue frequency.