Andrew Bird's 'Pulaski' Visuals Function as a Gun Violence PSA

 - Sep 20, 2016
References: & adweek
In a gun violence PSA from 'Everytown for Gun Safety,' musician Andrew Bird paired his song 'Pulaski' with visuals that consider the many American lives that are lost each day due to the prevalence and misuse of weapons.

The music video, which is just over six minutes long, begins with a young boy getting ready for school. He heads inside the middle school building while Andrew Bird's Pulaski plays. Scenes swap between different activities -- however the song suddenly stops when a lock down drill is announced. The teacher and students go through protocol -- locking the door, closing the blinds, turning off the lights and sitting in the back of the classroom.

Later, the boy walks past a memorial from Kids Off the Block -- which highlights just how many young lives have ended due to gun violence. Along with his gun violence PSA, Andrew Bird encourages viewers to visit the Everytown website to learn more about how they can make a difference.