Artist Liu Bolin Became One with Weapons in the 'Gun Rack'

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: liubolinart & mymodernmet
In an exhibition called 'Gun Rack,' performance artist Liu Bolin became one with lethal weapons. The artist stood against the wall of guns as he was painted to match the background behind him. After Bolin was fully concealed, he camouflaged impeccably with the guns. The artist remained as still as possible to become part of the violent weapons behind him.

Bolin performed Gun Rack at New York's Eli Klein Fine Art. The artist began with a suit printed with the necessary firearms on it. However, it was noticeably different from the gun rack. Four assistants painted Bolin from head to toe in order to blend him into the environment. In order to prevent physical damage, the artist applied Vaseline to his exposed body parts.