The Zivix "Z1" for Rockband & Guitar Hero

 - Jul 12, 2008
It's amazing how talented gamers can become using toy guitar in the very popular Guitar Hero and RockBand video games. Now gamers can take that talent one step further by playing their games using Z1 real guitars by Zivix which helps develop the real motor skills and techniques for creating genuine musical talent. The transition from toy to a real guitar is made with sensors embedded within the guitar.

The company also created software to allow the players to use the Z1 on their PC or Mac computers to further the creative process with drums, bass, and any musical instrument. With a single stroke, you can find yourself having an entire band at your fingertips and the ability to record musical tracks and transition between them. Over 20 million music games have been sold and the Z1 is now lending the option of real music creation that can grow within and outside the games.

Zivix created the Z1 to help gamers pursue their dreams of taking the music to the next level by putting the power of a real instrument in one's hands. Learn to fret and pick on a real guitar, pick strings with a real pick, and slide chords. Practice the guitar using your favorite songs and interactive track accompaniment, and play your guitar with others online. The Z1 guitar helps unlock your hidden talent to be a real Rock Hero!