From Geektastic Recliners to Wii Dumbbells

 - Jun 7, 2009   Updated: May 3 2011
Gamers have it easy. Their devotion to video games and consumerism has driven an entire niche market of creature comforts to keep them playing comfortably.

This slideshow encompasses the best creature comforts for gamers. From recliners with joysticks at the ready to customized circular keyboards and even Wii dumbbells, a die-hard gamer could easily fill their home with these goodies.

Implications - Furniture designers have smartened up by designing comfort chairs that make the gaming experience even better. The advancement of gaming technology has inspired others to integrate joysticks and other controls into certain items to draw in hardcore gamers. As long as new games and technology become more complex, this industry will find more ways to integrate gaming components into furniture that will make gaming even more surreal.