'An Illustrated Guide to Preparing for Death' Ties Up Lose Ends

Computers and the Internet have greatly changed the way people live, and as 'An Illustrated Guide to Preparing for Death' shows, they've also changed how individuals die in many parts of the world.

There are a number of lose ends that must be tied once a person has passed, but an individual's online presence must also be deleted or edited to represent their newfound state. While it might seem obvious to inform a telephone company of a family member or friend's passing, removing their profile from a dating site or social networking community might not be as easy. Though it might be morbid to discuss, planning your online removal is just as important in 2011 as writing up a will!

The idea of a 'digital executor' had never crossed my mind before, but after reading 'An Illustrated Guide to Preparing for Death,' it definitely seems like an important post-life plan to have.