The Gue(ho)st House by Berdaguer & Pejus is Sculptural and Stark White

The Gue(ho)st House by Berdaguer & Pejus takes Marcel Duchamp's phrase 'A GUEST + A HOST = A GHOST' as inspiration to create this sensuous construction.

Located in France at the Synagogue de Delme, the house was transformed by national artists Christophe Berdaguer and Marie PĂ©jus. They utilized polystyrene and white paint to transform the building, which had previously served as a funeral home and prison, into a white work of art with a ghostly feel.

The polysturene is covered with resin and white paint to create the appearance of this construction that appears to be dripping and not entirely solid. Gues(ho)st House is used as a center for communal artist work and research as well as a gathering center for educational events. Given the building's rich history, the construction seems to pay tribute to a ghostly past.