Outline of a Gun to Ward Off Evil Doers..

 - Jan 6, 2007
References: vliegervandam
Ok, you used to be a nerd in highschool, but only because you were misunderstood when deep down you were a uber hot bleeding edge expert of technology and style. But to the uneducated thug who used to pay you out, you're still sorta dorky. What was that you say? I'm a dork? You still think I'm a dork after checkin out my bag?! Huh? You want some of dis? Yeah? THats right, my new Guardian Angel tote from vlieger & vandam shows you I ain't no dork. Uh huh. I'm a BAAD Boy.

Ok, so it cancels out if you get yourself the Guardian Angel tote in hot pink. But it's genuine leather which shows you carry around the skin of dead animals to hold your PDA. That's tough.