The 'Gryp' Keychain Ensures You Don't Pick Up or Spread Germs

 - Sep 22, 2017
References: grypkeychain & theawesomer
The 'Gryp' keychain is designed with health in mind to prevent you from picking up germs from door handles, ATMs, doorknobs or any surfaces out in the world that others touch as well. Crafted from durable and germ-resistant silicone, the keychains are ideal for keeping on hand to ensure that you don't have to directly touch items. This is achieved by incorporating an ergonomic design that is perfectly suited for slipping onto your fingers when you're about to encounter something that is likely laden with other people's germs.

Concerns about personal health and hygiene has many consumers looking for ways to avoid unnecessary contact with germs whenever possible. The 'Gryp' keychain is an example of this that are inexpensively priced at $3 a piece or in packs of four for $9.