The Groundfridge Uses the Earth's Insulation to Keep Food Fresh

 - May 1, 2015
References: & gizmag
At first glance, the Groundfridge may look like a gigantic toilet. But this massive appliance certainly doesn't hold any stinky contents. Designed by Dutch design firm Weltevree, the Groundfridge is actually an innovatively engineered refrigerator that uses the earth's own insulation properties to keep food fresh, and doesn't use any electricity.

A root cellar by definition, what's unique about the Groundfridge is that it's sturdy but pretty easy to install. This prefab contraption is constructed from polyester and is shipped with integrated cabinetry and lighting. As for storage room, you can fit about 20 refrigerators' worth of contents into one Groundfridge.

The Groundfridge is a fine example of taking an old idea -- in thise case, a ground cellar -- and using modern technology to make it more appealing.