Gizmodo Explores How Sony Has Changed Modern Media

 - May 9, 2009
References: gizmodo
Since 1946, Sony has progressively and periodically changed the way of the modern media.

It started in 1950 when Japan built the world’s first magnetic tape recorder (G-type) and Sony has traveled down this groundbreaking path for a span of 53 years.

The accumulation of this journey is products that have changed the way we watch movies (Blu-Ray, 2006), the way we play video games (PS3, 2007), and even the quality of all things in between (XEL-1 the world’s first OLED TV, 2007).

Sony has and continues to be a technological giant in the marketplace and in the media today. They also have an astounding history to back that up. See Gizmodo's Sony timeline in the gallery above.