Add a Pedi and a Mani to the List

 - Jul 21, 2007
References: wholefoodsmarket
One of the Whole Foods stores in Dallas, Texas is the first to incorporate a full-service spa into their retail environment. On the store's second floor, REFRESH has seven treatment rooms, its own retail space and a private balcony for outdoor relaxation and spa meals - pretty much your own retreat. Note to Aveda - the spa is run by Whole Foods, not outsourced to an existing spa brand. Can the mega-organic retailer pull this off? The spa applies the same quality standards as the grocers downstairs do, opting for fresh, plant-based and naturally derived ingredients and only using products that haven't been tested on animals. The spa also offers quick options like a mini manicure, Swedish massage, and a wide range of more indulgent treatments.

Allowing customers to multi-task, Whole Foods' concierge service offers personal shoppers so customers can go for a spa treatment while a Whole Foods employee completes their shopping task. The shopping service is priced at USD 20/hour. If the spa takes off at the Dallas store, Whole Foods will add it to other locations near you. The company's focus on natural products meshes well with natural spa services.

Go get your endamame and your manicure!