Artist Gregory Jacobsen Focuses on Human Failure and Weaknesses

 - Jul 12, 2013
References: gregoryjacobsen & beautifuldecay
The paintings by Gregory Jacobsen, an artist based in Chicago, Illinois, will seem incredibly harsh to those uninformed about the intensions behind them. The features of the portrayed have been grotesquely exaggerated to create near-monstrous portraits. Yet there is more to each image than first meets the eye.

Gregory Jacobsen may focus on certain parts a little obsessively, especially drawn to "a little flab hanging over a waistband, ill-fitting shoes, underbites and exciting flags held in dainty orifices," but all is done with a purpose. Gregory Jacobsen writes, "The work is absurd, grotesque and a bit brutal but I try to bring the viewer in with lush and glowing surfaces. Essentially the work is about human failure and weakness groomed and developed to be an asset."