Gregory Halili Turns Mother of Pearl Shells into Skulls

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: nancyhoffmangallery
Artist Gregory Halili's recent installation features several mother of pearl shells interestingly turned into captivating skeletal carvings. Halili's latest series beautifully juxtaposes the anatomical human form with beautiful pearl-like shells.

Halili grew up in the Philippines before he moved to New Jersey. During his lifetime, Halili was heavily inspired by natural surroundings and wildlife. This skeletal sea shell series takes inspiration from Halili's interests in nature as the artist uses the naturally created mother of pearls shells to carve profiles of eerie skulls. Halili begins by etching the shape of a skull into the shimmering pearl shell and then adding oil paint detailing directly onto the pearly shell surface.

If you're interested in seeing Halili's unique work firsthand, this series will be on display at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in NYC.