Greenpeace Giant iPod is Landed at Apple HQ with Activists Inside

 - May 17, 2012
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In order to protest Apple's unclean use of energy to power center stores of iCloud data, two Greenpeace activists locked themselves in the Greenpeace giant iPod outside of Apple's HQ in San Francisco.

Literally sealed inside an orbicular survival module, the activists rocked out in their pod, using speakerphones to broadcast pleas to Apple to make the switch from coal to electricity reliance in fuelling their online data services. This demonstration was highlighted with four other protesters that paraded around in iPhone suits, who delivered the same message to passerbys. The cleverly ironic protest resulted in the forced arrest of the two Greenpeace members who were staking out in the pod to Santa Clara county jail.

Live streams of what went down are available on the Greenpeace website.