The 'Squeeze Green Watery' Range Has with Kale, Parsley and Chlorophyll

 - Dec 27, 2017
E Nature's 'Squeeze Green Watery' is a unique, green skincare range that is best suited for those with oily and sensitive skin types who would benefit from a lightweight, hydrating skin product.

True to its name, the formulas in the range are packed with greens in the form of kale, parsley and chlorophyll extracts, which also create slightly tinted products. The Squeeze Green Watery collection consists of a toner, a gel cream, a serum and an emulsion that may be used to support the skin's natural ability to rebalance and detoxify itself.

Unlike many products for oily or acne-prone skin, the Squeeze Green Watery range delivers a hydrating solution that does not leave the skin feeling uncomfortable, heavy or greasy.