The Green Light by Nien-An Lin Brings Life to Glossy Modern Gadgets

 - Sep 8, 2012
References: & tuvie
Perhaps you don't have the gift for keeping potted plants alive, but the Green Light by Nien-An Lin may continue to thrive so long as you carry on with your work. The extraordinary light fixture incorporates a roughly rectangular dish in its stand that is set up to encourage the growth of grass.

There are two sources of illumination built into the clever desk lamp, one of which is a brilliant set of LED lights designed for the optimal visibility of your books and documents. The second one is at the base of the angular arm and casts a focused beam of red light upon the miniature lawn beneath.

This novelty patch of sod can act as a lush surface for setting down your possessions. Alternatively, the Green Light by Nien-An Lin can be swapped for a fishbowl or a dry storage dish.