The GREEN. Interactive Feeder Makes Your Pet Work for Their Food

 - Nov 10, 2012
References: & chipchick
The GREEN. Interactive Feeder puts your dog to the test by having your hungry pooch lick and nudge his way around the plastic bumps to get the treats.

It is a great way to trim down your pets weight if you find they are getting a little bit heavy. The eating dish creates a game a for your furry friend, where, in order to get the food, they must exert energy. It also limits how many food pebbles may be accessed at one time, causing pets to slow down the ingestion of their meals and helping to train a healthier pooch for you.

The GREEN. Interactive Feeder uses an anti-skid bottom to keep it in place on your kitchen floor. The various mounds and hills of green will entertain your pet for hours on end.