Graze Herb Comb Helps You Prepare Your Leaves Coriander for Cooking

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: quirky
For many people, it's the preparation process that takes longer than actually cooking a recipe. Ingredients like leafy herbs are some of the most tedious to chop, making the Graze Herb Comb a valuable kitchen companion.

Made by Quirky, this product resembles a tress detangler with its fine teeth and narrow spacing. Hinged at one side, it opens up and allows you to slot in the stems of parsley, basil and other leafy garnishes. After you've fed these through, shut its white plastic sides, hold them closed firmly with one hand and use the other to yank the stalks out. If you do this over a bowl, the flavorful foliage will fall neatly into it after being torn off by the Graze Herb Comb, ready to be dumped into your simmering dish.