Per Kristian Nygård's Grass Sculpture Challenges Spatial Limitations

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: perkristiannygaard & contemporist
Artist Per Kristian Nygård debuted his grass sculpture, titled 'Not Red But Green,' at Oslo's No Place Gallery.

Nygard grew a grassy landscape using seeds that had been planted during Norway's balmy summer. The sculpture's growth was guided by a wooden base and support system, which was covered in nearly 5000 liters of soil and seeds. The project required a lot of maintenance and upkeep along the way, as the grass had to be watered and checked on daily.

The finished mounds completely take over the limited interior space, looking ample and bountiful, in all their hilly glory. Nygard has a history of exploring spatial realities and limitations in his work, and this project was no exception. Space is the central concern when looking or experiencing the installation.