The Printed Granny Duvet Cover Mimics Grandma's Handmade Throw

 - Apr 26, 2013
The Granny Duvet Cover looks convincingly like the blanket that you might find slung over the back of your grandmother's couch; however, you'll be surprised to learn that it was not manufactured with the same material and technique. Touch the blanket with your fingertips and and you'll realize this straight away.

It's actually photographic prints that decorate the bedding set, and these transfer so much detail onto the pillowcases and the slipcovers of various sizes that it looks as though the fabrics have been crocheted delicately and organically into their colorful floral patterns.

Snurk's Granny Duvet Cover collection may not appeal to those who have no interest in the aesthetics of grandma's domestic accessories, but the product offers a fresh and funky way to update the old motif for the contemporary home.