Adding Tracers to Menorahs and Nativity Scenes

 - Dec 15, 2008
So many nativity displays and menorahs are being stolen that churches and synagogues have been forced to install GPS trackers so they can find them again! Apparently Baby Jesus is the most common victim of these thefts, I figure it's because he is the star of the show and the ransom would be much higher than on, say, a sheep. Check out the gallery to remind you of other people’s sins.

A fair few baby Jesus dolls, a couple of sheep and even a Virgin Mary have already been found this way. Not everything is straight forward theft though… the baby Jesus was stolen from the First United Methodist Church of Kittanning (Pa.) and was replaced with a pumpkin. Brilliant!

If you are tempted to be bad, remember that God AND GPS are watching you! See bonus video for some festive fun… It is childish, but it is Christmas.