GOVO's Badge Holder Makes It Easier to Carry Essential Items

 - Aug 20, 2017
References: kickstarter
GOVO, LLC, a Cleveland-based design company, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new product, the 'GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet.' In just one week, it received 1,000 backers' pledges and was listed as one of Kickstarter's most popular projects.

The goal of this project is to create a wearable device that offers everyone who needs to carry an ID badge to work a more positive and hassle-free experience. Although there are a lot of good ideas for wallets, phone cases, and key chains today, improving the way that we carry ID badges has largely been neglected.

To improve this, the GOVO team brainstormed some of the inconveniences of carrying and using a work ID that none of today’s products have a solution for, such as making it more wearable, durable and lightweight. The goal of the GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet is to make the user's ID badge a comfortable accessory that's never forgotten.