Villanueva de la Serena's Congress Center Boasts Immersive Elements

This government building in Spain's Villanueva de la Serena region defies tradition and brings sensory elements to life. Designed by the Pancorbo Arquitectos team, the structure features interactive meeting spaces, LED-adorned hallways and an exterior facade that is beautifully sculptural.

While its exterior is accented with layered wood panels, the structure's interior spaces are bathed with natural light while retaining an array of striped shadow panels. When combined with the sun's rays, this building's paneled facade modulates light in intriguing ways. creating a shadow play effect within its walls.

Some of this government building's other communal spaces boast digitally enhanced and enclosed elements that are a bold contrast from its airy entrance areas. Overall, this project defies convention, changing society's perception of what a traditional government institution should look and feel like.