Uri Geller is the New Recipient of a 12 Foot Gorilla Statue Made of Spoons

 - May 25, 2014
References: bbc & boingboing.net
Uri Geller has strange taste in statues as his brand new gorilla statue will show you. While the idea of a gorilla statue is far from strange, the materials involved in the process of making this statue is what makes this particular statue so intriguing.

Outside of helping you eat cereal and soup it turns out that spoons can be otherwise useful. One of the ways spoons find their secret use is as a building material. Uri Geller is a famous spoonbender so seeing his livelihood made into one of the most vicious, but noble animals on the planet must be a true honor. If we were going to be poetic about it, we could say that it represents his alpha status in the spoon-bending world.