Google Classroom Lock Mode Restricts Users to a Single Page

 - Jun 28, 2018
References: theverge & venturebeat
Technology is quickly becoming integrated into classrooms and thanks to the new Google Classroom lock mode, teachers can now leverage technology to administer tests in a fair and secure manner. The new feature integrates Google Classroom with Google Forms and essentially allows teachers to disable navigation away from a specific page or assignment. This is the most significant upgrade to the Google offering since its release in 2014 and now positions the app as a legitimate education tool.

The lock feature is perhaps best showcased in another update to the app that has allowed quizzes to be made. In this case, the lock feature ensures students cannot legitimately use technology to learn, without the ability to cheat by leveraging this technology. Ther Google Classroom lock mode can also be used to lock out the computer at certain times to ensure students are focusing on school work or sleeping.

Image Credit: Google