'Goodsten' Has a Crystalline Extension Off of the Main Building

 - Mar 21, 2018
References: archdaily
Buenos Aires is a hot and humid city throughout the entire year, and Goodsten is doing everything in its power to keep its patrons in a cool mindset. Not only does the creamery sell artisan ice cream to help beat the physical heat, but its design is reminiscent of an iceberg, making it a mentally cooling building as well.

Goodsten combines the quaint imagining of an ice cream shop with some bold architecture. The bulk of the building that houses the creamery is shaped like a traditional, gabled house, but a crystalline extension bulges off of the front edge. According to Hitzig Militello Arquitectos, "it is borne from an experience of oneiric landscapes," but the connection to icebergs is impossible to ignore.

Image Credit: Federico Kulekdjian