The Goat Simulator Game Lets You Control a Mischievous Goat

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: goat-simulator & telegraph
Goat Simulator is an incredibly strange and amusing video game in which the primary character isn't a wizard, a gnome, a counter-terrorist operative or some other cliche video game character. The protagonist in this game is a goat, and this new trailer celebrates the launch of Goat Simulator.

The goal of the Goat Simulator game is to cause as much destruction, mischief and mayhem as possible. This goat can disrupt public gatherings, fly on a jetpack, perform backflips and headbutt pesky humans with such force that they fly into cars and explode.

The Internet has a strange and borderline disturbing obsession with goats, who probably come second only to cats in the stakes for 'Internet's favorite animal'.

This video is oddly funny but also occasionally violent, so viewer discretion is advised.