Water Footprint Calculators

 - Apr 22, 2008
References: goblue.zerofootprint.net & goblue.org
For the last few years everyone has been focused on going green, but the latest buzz phrase is "going blue." While being green conscious involves carbon footprint calculators, your blue savvy can be aided with the help of a water footprint calculator from Goblue.org.

The Canadian website is trying to help citizens of the beautiful, nature-rich country become aware of the preciousness of the natural resources that appear so vast, yet are in dire danger.

"We pride ourselves in going Green, but to live green, we need to respect water too," Goblue.org says. "It's time to Go Blue. It's a call to all Canadians to reduce our wasteful water habits and be more mindful of the water we use."

The calculator is a good awareness tool. It takes several things into account, including household size, size of lawn and frequency of watering, how often you do laundry or wash your car, how long you shower and even how long you brush your teeth.

As a Canadian, I hope everyone becomes more aware of how fortunate we are; don't take our water for granted!