This Glutagen Beauty Cream Provides Sun Protection and More

 - Jan 12, 2016
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The Glutagen Porcelain 6-in-1 Beauty Cream is more than just a liquid foundation that provides protection from the sun. As its name suggests, this product also works as a concealer, moisturizer, primer, as well as a treatment for anti-aging and oily skin. When applied, this all-in-one skincare remedy also promises to add a healthy, natural pink glow to the skin.

While it's recommended for consumers to be mindful of sun protection year-round, few go out of their way to take the extra steps to protect their skin. For this reason, the Glutagen Porcelain 6-in-1 Beauty Cream is highly appealing to those who are more concerned with beauty benefits than safety. Rather than having to specifically seek out a bottle of sunblock each morning before leaving the house, women can easily use this multipurpose product from the Phillipines, which does more than ordinary sunscreen or a makeup foundation with SPF.