The Glow Headphones Vibrates to the Beat of the Wearer's Music or Heart

 - Feb 2, 2015
References: kickstarter & psfk
While the Glow Headphones can be construed as simply a visual of audio experiences, it is also a great tool to stay safe while out and about at night. As per its name, the Glow Headphones emits a bright neon laser light worthy of such sci-fi flicks as 'TRON: Legacy.' Yet what makes them even more impressive is their interaction with the music and wearer's heartbeat.

The Glow Headphones pulse to each in order to bring the sounds to life. Psfk writes, "Their bright glow comes from the laser-driven ‘Corning Fibrance,’ a glass optical fiber optimized for thin, colorful, aesthetic lighting." Available in red, green and blue, the Glow Headphones prove that people are looking to interact with their music in different ways.